Thursday, October 28, 2010

Someone in Denmark is reading my blog.

Today I took a stroll through my stats. It's something I do fairly regularly, just to see if it's actually worth it to keep writing this thing, or if I should crawl back to Livejournal, with my tail between my legs and the Friends-only filter protecting each post I make**.  Apparently, enough of you keep coming back... for some reason? to make writing worth-while. Thanks for being epic, homies.

One interesting thing I found whilst perusing my blog factoids, was that the posts with the most views are the ones where I am systematically insulting and yelling at some (or near every) faction of the human race. Because this has the most views, this post comes in second, and this one is third. The fourth is another ranty one.

Now, when I complain or go on my diatribes of this nature IRL, people get mad at me. They tell me to shut up, and people love to complain about how much I (and others) complain. (Hypocrisy, much, kids?), which is why I try to post about other things on here; TV shows, movies, things that don't make me angry. And guess what I've found? No one reads that shit!

So maybe, just maybe - someone out there (or several of you, anyway) agrees with me; it feels good to get stuff off your chest! Swearing is therapeutic! People are assholes! And the ones that aren't don't need to be written about - they can keep on being cool in private.

And that's why I love the internet. Like-minded people are easy to come across (no matter what you're into... seriously, Google any word you can think of and add "sex with" to the beginning; you'll find a forum, no doubt).***

As for the title of this li'l diatribe, I am continually surprised by the "audience" statistic, when I see this:

Canada makes sense. The US, sure.  #4 on the list is the UK. English-speaking realms. Then there's South Korea and Lebanon and Germany and I start to get confused, but it's in small numbers, so whatever. But - DENMARK? My dear Danish friend(s?), thank you for your support. Keep reading, I love you.

**I haven't been on LJ is so long, because I have nothing to say! My life is literally the same, day-in, day-out, and I love it that way, but don't feel the need to update anymore. So after 5 years of LJ-ing, I've pretty much given up.

*** Please don't do this to yourself. And if you do, I am responsible for nothing - no scarring, trauma, nightmares, or things that can't be "un-seen".

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