I spend an absolutely ridiculous amount of time online, usually for lack of anything better to do. Other than a few shows I watch religiously, I'm not really into TV. I used to be a voracious reader; but my attention span has decreased immensely in the past few years. I'm a bored 20-something. The internet is like a friend. That being said, these would be my favorite time-wasters websites. A few, anyway.

Lamebook has hilarious status updates, comment wars, typos, pictures that never, ever should've been posted, and essentially a ridiculous amount of fail. I love it, it's wonderful, and never ceases to make me literally LOL at any given time.

Much along the same vein, however the screencaps are harder to read most of the time, but I still frequent it once I've run out of new stuff to read on Lamebook.

People You'll See in Hell:
A recent find. I'm fascinated by the repulsive crimes people commit. Some of the sickest bastards (and bitches, I suppose) can be found here, detailing their stories and just what effed up shiz they did. Oftenstimes disturbing, but always interesting, I can kill a few HOURS on PYSIH.

I love the webmistress, she's a snarky bitch. Anyway, this site has to be seen (and one should farmilarize themselves with Etsy first to get the point, lol) to be explained. All I can say is, some people's kids. LOL.

Perez Hilton:
If you don't know what Perez is, I'm assuming you also live under a rock that doesn't have access to a computer, let alone internet, so how are you reading this?

Awkward Family Photos:
The title says it all, hilarity ensues.

This one time, I made a DISASTEROUS blue and white, 4-layered cake that was supposed to be Avatar-themed for the boyfriend. It was so awful, I lovingly nicknamed it failcake... well, this whole site is dedicated to failcakes, most "professionally" done (which is frightening).
Hilarity in the form of lists, articles, essays... kinda like my blog, only actually funny? And more dick jokes.

I Watch Stuff:
Many thanks to my friend Sarah for showing me this as well as Cracked a few years back. All the movie news, updates, trailers and rumors you could ever need. A must-have daily visit for all cinephiles.