*MY KITTY CATS. [update Feb 22]

If there's one thing I know about the internet, it's that it, as a whole, fucking loves cats.
I do too!
I have had quite literally DOZENS in my life, and now have two of my very own, no sharing with family members! (I live alone now).
So, would you like to meet my furbabies?

Marcus Wright M. (he was named after Sam Worthington's character in Terminator: Salvation   )                                                                                                
DOB: December, '09 (1 year old)                                                          
Adopted: February '10

Max Jordan M. (the boyfriend's middle name is Maxwell, so he named him. Our friend Jordan middle-named him... creative menfolk, huh? *eyeroll*)
DOB: September '10 (5 months old)
Adopted: October '10

Now let's go for a romp in the cute - updated FEBRUARY 22ND.

I'll just leave this here. :D

They spend an unnerving amount of time on my laptop.
PS, Max is getting huuuuuuge and less kitten-like every day.

He did this yesterday, I don't understand.

Not killing each other! This one was popular on Facebitch.

 He's also knocked the tree down a bunch of times.


This collar is for pictures for the grandparents' only, I promise I am not cruel to animals. Marcus certainly thinks I am, however.

*gives up, falls over*

His collar has bells on it... he hates me more.

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys, I'm tryna blog, get off! They didn't want me typing.

Laundry cat, laundry caaaat, what are they feeding youuu?

THIS WAS A MIRACLE... it's common in the last week, however. But yes, unprecedented. The babies NOT KILLING EACH OTHER.

Well, almost not killing each other.

Oh, hai!

It pretty much doesn't get better than Max being baby Crookshanks.

Max plays with bobby pins in the tub, Marcus supervises.

Sleeping in the boyfriend's jacket, his first day here.

Keyboard kitty 2.0?
He's already grown out of this habit, he's gotten too big :(

Many more where that came from, keep coming back.