I see a lot of things that amuse me, and just need to be captured. Possibly forever. Like a Pokemon, but less awesome. Luckily, technology has made it possible to take pictures even when the batteries in my camera are dead... and my USB cord is missing... and I'm not near a computer.

Dear phone, I love you.
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LAST UPDATED: february 22nd, 2011

"Who cares? Kids deface newspapers and magazines all the time."
They do. So, apparently, does my 44-year-old mother. This is her handiwork LOL.

As someone commented on Facebook, "Easy prey?" Canadian Tire signage FAIL.


This was over Christmas holidays... She tried to drive forward and was in reverse. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENS???

MOVE OVER, PRINGLES. This is the new "tube of deliciousness".

BWAHAHAHAH. I did not make this sign, and I'm not the dick that left the garbage by the door for three days, but this is the best sign, ever. Thank you, anonymous neighbor.

I have no idea what this movie is about other than what I can glean from the poster, but I do love Johnny Depp.. and I think I'll love him even more as a lizard that looks strangely like an amphibious re-imagining of Raoul Duke! Seriously, stick a hat, aviators, and a cigarette on that lizard... there ya go.

I'm going to get insanely fat at work if we keep selling these... pretzel-peanut butter sandwiches entombed in chocolate.

Note the review at the bottom. Um, the bar wasn't exactly set very high, now, was it?

One section of the drama wall in my store. Apparently, for the cover of all drama movies, an indifferent stare is a pre-requisite.

Liz is my mother. First of all, mom, this is not a cougar. Second of all, MOM!! Ew! Third of all, why did you write on it?

Seems like a waste of an expo.

Tried to get a picture of the fam's cat and dog... and this happened. DEMON DOG!

This isn't funny, it's very interesting, however. Yeah, the boyfriend and I rubberneck accidents. Not much else to do around here. (No one died, I wouldn't post this if they had)

This is dollar store hair dye. None of those actresses is actually in those pictures... Worst. Photoshop. Ever. Took this picture to show my best friend, I lol'd SO HARD.

I used to work at Wal-Mart, in sporting goods... why? Because they're idiots, obvs. The internet is my sport of choice. BUT ANYWAY, this is fishing line. You know why I laughed. Don't pretend you're not giggling like an 8-year-old girl.