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Surviving the Nicaraguan Glee Club, Vol. 3

Once again, I'm posting this one a Friday, mainly because I've come to the realization that no one reads these, so I can take my good ol' time. I'm not blaming it on myself, I'm blaming it on the fact that no one watches Survivor! As usual, I'll have a regular post with my usual jazz either tomorrow or Sunday. But for now....

Surviving the Nicaraguan Glee Club, vol. 3

First up on the docket, we have season 2, episode 3 of Glee. Although this is one of the first episodes with serious, life-threatening conflict, I actually wasn't all that impressed with it. It had some hilarious moments; Finn praying to his "grilled Chesus" was probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time.

Obviously, the main plot was that Kurt's dad had a heart attack and got zonked in to a coma. Kurt's dad is actually one of my favorite characters, especially since he told Finn off last season for referring to the way Kurt decorated their room as "faggy".  I was definitely Team Kurt's Dad after that. Anyway, it's all very serious and sad, yadda yadda yadda. Earlier in the ep, Finn had asked Mr. Schue if they could do religious or "spiritual" (hate that word, by the way) songs. Kurt was adamantly against it, and Sue flipped shit as well. Now they decide they're going to pray for Kurt's dad (hereafter known as KD for brevity purposes.. actually, Burt, because that's his name). Kurt's pissed about that.

 In the meantime, Puck sings Only the Good Die Young, which is one of my favorite songs. Mercedes sang something I didn't know. Finn keeps getting things he prayed to grilled Chesus for - winning the football game, touching Rachel's boobs, and then getting quarterback .. back? Anyway, that third one required the current quarterback The New Kid Who Hasn't Sang Or Been Very Relevant Since Episode 1, getting injured. Finn's initially pleased with everything he gets, but wigs out a little when TNKWHSOBVRSE1 get hurts, and talks to Emma about it, and she explains that it is NOT the power of the Chesus. So Finn gets all upset, eats Chesus, and sings Losing My Religion at Glee club (love that song as well). Kurt's distancing himself from everyone like crazy, and still staunchly does not want to listen to them pray, and sticks to the fact that he doesn't believe in god. Mercedes convinces him to go to black-people church with her, and sing a very uplifting (at least, I guess it was supposed to be uplifting) song.

I was glad that, despite everyone's best efforts, when all was said and done, Kurt stuck by his opinions, and doesn't just magically "find" religion, so I was very pleased with that. It kept at least a little realism to the show. Kurt ends up singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand, about his dad, which was odd.  But it worked somehow. It was all interspliced with flashbacks of him and his dad, and I will admit, I cried. Not as much as I thought I would, however.

There were scenes with Sue and her sister, who has Down's. Everytime they show Sue and her sister, it's like being in the twilight zone, because Sue becomes a whole 'nother person. It's really weird, but I love it. They love each other so much, it's awesome.

When all is said and done, Burt starts to show some signs of life and it's really dramatic and great, and then the kids sings What if God Was One of Us, which is another song I actually kind of like. At the end of the episode I was all teary-eyed and said, "I LOVE GLEE." causing the boyfriend to get a chuckle. But overall, I wasn't totally impressed.

I'm hoping next week is better, I missed the "Next week on Glee" thing, so it's going to be a mystery for me. Yay!

Moving along,

Survivor: Nicaragua, episode 4

Just a general comment on the show - didn't they used to have only 16 castaways? 20 is just WAY TOO MANY, even with getting rid of one of them every 3 days, it's still far too many people to keep track of. Like, watching Big Brother, it's still hard to keep track of people for the first few weeks, and they only have 12 houseguests. I'm guessing the show will be more interesting as more people get the axe. So, as a reminder:


ALSO! Apparently next week they're shakin' up the tribes, so this infographic will be rendered null and void. Dammit.

Okay. Jimmy J was voted out last week, so the first bit of the show was Espada (old people) back at their camp, adjusting, etc. Jimmy T was being a ridiculous loud mouth, per usual, and Marty commented that given just a little rope, he'll hang himself (foreshadowing? perhaps). Nothing overly interesting transpired. The castaways woke up to find there was a flash flood, and their whole friggin' beach was washed away. They can't fish, and they're starving.

LaFlor (young dumbasses) also had to deal with the flood, but it's not as bad. Naonka (who, although the most godawful, annoying bitch I've ever encountered on tv [since Rachel... VeEEEeeGGGgaAASsss! lol] is actually one of the least fake, and least-stupid people on LaFlor) was talking about taking Kelly B (leglegleglegLEG) down to get the immunity idol clue. She and Brenda went looking for the idol, and found it. Chase told Brenda he figured out the clue, and Brenda had to tell Chase Naonka had the idol. Also, it seems evident Naonka has no plans of sharing said idol.

Alina and KB were still looking for the idol, and Naonka was majorly fucking with the heads, which was actually pretty funny.  Naonka also went off on them going on about how she doesn't like them and such, it was pretty hilarious, and I hope she continues to bring the drama for a while.  They didn't really show us anyone else in the tribe, at all... no Jud, Benry, Sash, Kelly Purple.

So, the old folks were deciding on a leader, and Marty nominated Tyrone (I don't know if he was expecting Tyrone to turn it down and say Marty should lead in the challenge, or what was going on there, but whatever), and Jimmy T of course piped up and argued, and no one wanted him as a leader. I'm flip-flopping on pretty much everyone this early in the game; I hated Marty a lot less this week. I still see him as the kind of guy who would be an asshole customer and have a major superiority complex and such, but as far as the game goes, he seems to be less paranoid and have his head on a lot better this week.

CHALLENGE TIME. It involved being blindfolded and attached to someone else on your tribe, with one person (Tyrone - old people, Brenda -dumbyoungfucks) calling out directions, so you could retrieve objects. The younger tribe opted to use their Medallion of Power (which I realize I never mentioned in my other Surviving Glee Club blogs, so... see note at the bottom*), which gave them a two-item advantage. When all was said and done, LaFlor won immunity and reward, once again.

Which means that once again, Espada was headed off to Tribal Council. During the challenge Jimmy T failed super-hard, he didn't take Tyrone's directions and was just basically a gigantic disaster. Nevertheless, back at camp, he started going on and on again about how he needs a chance, all he wants is a shot, blah blah blah. Over and over, same shit as always. Uh, Jimmy? You had a chance, and you fucking SUCKED. Tyrone was pissed off at him, and obviously Marty wanted him gone. The old people were still hurting for food so they started digging up sea urchins to eat, and Jimmy T called out Marty saying he was eating too many and not saving them? Like, called him out right in front of everyone, and told him he wasn't a tribe player. And Marty was just like, "Not gonna go there with ya, buddy." Keep digging that hole, Jimmy T. See where it gets you.

Deciding who to vote out actually didn't end up being as obvious as I thought it would be; a lot of people still wanted to vote out Daniel, because he sat out two challenges, his knee was bothering him, etc. So, who will it be?

Well, Tribal Council wasn't overly eventful (which is why I'd like to see LaFlor get back there, being young and stupid, they are inclined to drama). Jimmy T wouldn't shut up, AGAIN, about how he needed a better chance to be a leader and not just a follower. One of the women (honestly, they're all kind of interchangeable to me), I think it was Holly, stuck up for JT and said he should have a chance.

So she, JT himself, and Jane voted for Daniel to be voted out. But in the end, the other 5 people realized they were going to fucking hang themselves were they to spend another three days with JT, and did the right thing, so Jimmy T was the 4th person voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua. Good fucking riddance.


*the medallion of power is something that can be used by whichever tribe has it in challenges, it gives a slight advantage. Whomever is in possession of it can choose to use it for that challenge, or hold on to it indefinitely. When they use it, the medallion is then given to the other tribe, til the other tribe sees fit to use it. So, since LaFlor used it this week, Espada now has control of the medallion.

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