Monday, November 15, 2010

Surviving Glee Club: A Failure, lol.

Now, I hadn't expected Glee to be less-than-stellar this year. And I hadn't expected Survivor to fail so, so hard (especially, as I've said before, in comparison with the sheer epicness that is Big Brother). That being said - I definitely didn't expect writing my thoughts, feelings, and a brief recap each week to feel like a chore. I'm generally not a quitter, and I love to see things through to the end whenever possible.

But I just can't see this til the end.

Sure, there's only a month or something left of Survivor. And then I'll only have Glee to worry about, and they seem to only be playing an episode every second week or something.

But I just friggin' can't.

I love to rant and rave and have 3 or 4 drafts of different ideas for updates saved on my computer. There's so much to write and say and so much I want to post, and I feel like the short-lived SGC was just cluttering up my blog.

So, with my deepest apologies if anyone had actually been reading my silly little chronicles of television, I have to give it the axe.

RIP little buddy, you were a pain in the ass week in and week out for a while there.

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