Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surviving Glee Club Vol. 5, pt 1 - Just the Glee.

I skipped doing a Surviving Glee Club last week, because I was sour. Why? Because there was no Glee. Well, technically there was; they replayed last season's "Hairography". But there was no NEW Glee. Survivor still aired a new episode at its regularly scheduled time, but I was too sour about Glee to blog about it. Therefore, you're getting double the Survivor in this offering*. Without further adieu,

*Just kidding, I've decided to do Survivor by itself.


That was the only picture I could find. And I searched fro 20 minutes. Fail.

Guess what! I'm not recapping! Just posting legit thoughts on various things! It shall be easier on both o us.

To say that this week's Glee was highly anticipated by musical-loving nerds the world over would be an understatment. We were downright hungry for it. With Hallowe'en so close, it was perfect. Now, if you haven't seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, chances are you were both confused and a bit horrified by Tuesday's episode, to which I have to say, "lol". Serves you right for that rock you're living under! But in all seriousness, it's an extremely weird but very fun cult-classic from the 70s with a wicked soundtrack and an overall feeling of "odd" (it is also a play, but the movie is more accessible). The best part, obviously, is the towering hulk of man-woman that is Dr. Frank-N-Furter, in the form of the legendary Tim Curry.

The being said... Mercedes? Really? *headdesk*

Now, to be totally fair and honest - she was pretty "fierce", I suppose, is the word. She rocked it. However, it's just not the same without a guy. I somehow missed the part where Mike wasn't allowed to play Frank, I actually had to Wiki what happened there, lol.I was eating cupcakes at the time. /shame

Santana and Britt and Magenta and Columbia were PERFECT, because their characters act together on every episode very similarly to the girls in the movie/play, kind of under-the-surface (though blatant in this season) lipstick-lesbianism, mean-girlish behaviour and nymphomania, so it was awesome. Tina as the other Columbia did nothing for me (I don't particularly like Tina, to be honest) and Quinn was surprisingly awesome as the "other" Magenta. I loved it.

Kurt was a faaaaaaaaabulous RiffRaff, Sam had the look for Rocky (I don't find him attractive but I like him as a character, so it's good to see more of him *no Rocky bikini pun intended) Artie didn't have much to work with as Dr. Scott, we all knew Rachel and Finn would be Brad and Janet, and they were just fine.

NOW! - John Stamos, you are a beautiful man, it was fun to see you perform, but you can't exactly sing. And Will? Please, I hate you. I seriously can't stand him, and WHAT THE HELL, EMMA? WHAT WAS THAT??? I have to say Toucha Touch Me was FABULOUS, and totally unexpected of her, but still... ugh. I HATE the storylines with the "adults" on the show. I'm sick of them, even Emma, who I adored at first. I tried to ignore the vast majority of plot in favor of just concentrating on the Rocky Horror elements.

The Musical Numbahs:
Science Fiction/Double Feature: Santana was fabulous, the lips were perfect, and it set such a good tone for the show. LOVED IT.
Dammit, Janet: I feel like this one would be hard to mess up. So they didn't. I loved it and sang along. I loved seeing Kurt in the background, I got some serious laughs.
Hot Patootie: John Stamos maybe shouldn't sing? Maybe? I don't know. But it was very fun, anyway.
Sweet Transvestite: Changed lyrics, go fuck yourself, Fox.
Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me: It was awesome, but with a changed word here and there, made me sour.
Over at the Frankenstein Place: this sort of book-ended the episode. It wasn't performed in its entirety. It was decent, not amazing, but it felt really nice and really true to the movie/play.
The Time Warp: was spot-on perfect, soaked in adrenaline and hormones and energy, and easily the best part of the whole episode. I'm glad they ended with it because anything else really would've been a disappointment after that. Episode was seriously ended on a high note.

Also: dealt with Finn's body issues, male objectification, and of course censorship - imaaaaagine. Overall, had the music been anything other than RHPS, and had the cast not been so COMPLETELY AWESOME at their parts, this week would've sucked. And that's my honest opinion.

BONUS: cameos by Barry Bostwick (the original Brad) and Meatloaf (the original Eddie). As many have pointed out, poor, poor Barry Bostwick... time has not been good to him. Sure, it's been over 30 years - but look at Meatloaf! He looks great! I actually saw Bostwick play an attorney on Law & Order a few years ago (I'm thinking SVU because that's the only one I watch since Jerry Orbach died *sadsad*), and all I could think of was, DAMN. Because in all honesty, he was quite the slice back in his Rocky Horror days. Just my opinion lol.

I no longer have cable! So I no longer have FOX. Therefore, I watch Glee on a Canadian channel that broadcasts it at the same time. And therefore, I don't get to see "next week on Glee" anymore, so I shall remain in a shrouded mystery til then.

Til next time, friends.
And til later today, for those of you who watch Survivor : )

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