Tuesday, January 18, 2011

*glove slap* I challenge you - well, actually, myself - to a duel (and by duel, I mean, let's be responsible and update the blog!)

I always try to construct what I'm saying in a coherent, neat, pretty, easy-to-follow manner, so all you lovelies can follow it with ease (also, I just found out via spellcheck that Google Chrome considers "lovelies" a word; that's kick-ass), but I've gotta say, it always makes me feel like I'm writing an essay. I think I'd update this bitch far more often if I kept it to one fairly organized, possibly list-form'd entry per month, and just let the word vomit... ew, spew*? the rest of the time.

I feel like I'm slackin', and that's one thing I must admit I'm terribly awesome at. If being a slacker were considered a professional position, it would be my full-time job and I'd be raking in the dough. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true in life. And that's why I'm broke as a joke - I'm lazy. I really am.

But, I don't wantttttttttttt to be slacking, which is why I'm going to ease up on the heavy format of my rants and raves. I pinky-promise to post 3 times this week. As in, from today til next Tuesday. There will be 3 updates. Not one. Not even just 2. THR33. Like, not including this. What I'm typing right now is useless, and you're not even reading it. Don't lie to me!

It's go-time, fuckers. Let's see if I can do this.

PS, Twitter. Follow me. herpderp.

*that's just gross.

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